7 March 2008 The Herald

Sky Bar and Restaurant, Edinburgh

I'VE come to the Sky Bar and Restaurant straight from teaching a class of journalism students about the fine art of reviewing. Today's theme was the critic as egotist and our study aid, inevitably, was Michael Winner.

21 February 2008 The Herald

Brass Monkey, Edinburgh

BY rights, some bars should exist only in your imagination. I'm thinking of Mono in Glasgow, a joint that combines a record shop, a library, a vegan cafe, a music stage and a bar all under one roof. So perfectly does it fulfil every boy's dream, you have to pinch yourself to believe it's real. If it could only award degrees, there are students who would live there for four years.

14 February 2008 The Herald

Monteiths, Edinburgh

GENTLEMEN, take note! If you plan to wine and dine your young lady on Valentine's Day, don't do as I did in the run up to my recent wedding anniversary. To give up alcohol for the month before your big night out might seem like a good idea at the time. The love of your life will be impressed at your dedication, commitment and healthy restraint. She might even find your monk-like self-denial a bit of a turn-on.

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