January 2007 New Zealand Herald

David Harrower and Blackbird

AT the start of 2005, David Harrower told me about the play he was writing for the prestigious Edinburgh International Festival. He had just gone through an about-turn and ditched his first draft with its roll-call of 18 characters. Throwing it in the bin was difficult, he said at the time, but he had started again, trying to write a lean two-hander that would focus entirely on the central dilemma: the reunion of an older man and a younger woman 15 years after the under-age affair that put the man in prison.

August 1994 The Observer


THE Russian-language Othello, retitled Iago and performed in a district council swimming pool, is the kind of curiosity that makes the Edinburgh Fringe so special. Desdemona makes her entrance with a graceful dive and an underwater swim; Roderigo keeps his costume in a cubicle; when Othello commits a suicide he pulls a handcuffed Iago into the water behind him




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