November 2004 Scotland on Sunday

James Maley

“SO you’re here to talk about the war,” says James Maley as I settle into the armchair opposite him in his Maryhill living room. I hesitate to reply. Maley will be 97 in February and by “the war” he could legitimately mean Iraq, the first Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, the Second World War or the First World War. We are indeed here to talk about the war, but it’s the Spanish Civil War I have in mind.

May 2004 Scotland on Sunday

Saira Shah

THE first lines are simple, factual and chilling. “James Miller is the director of this film. On the 2nd of May 2003, he became another grim headline of the Middle East.” The voice is that of Saira Shah. The film is Death in Gaza. The death – or “grim headline” – is that of James Miller, Shah’s collaborator on the award-winning documentaries Beneath the Veil and Unholy War. This latest documentary was to be his last.

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