15 March 2009 Scotland on Sunday

Ross Noble

IT'S the end of January and Ross Noble is stretching his comedy muscles on a warm-up date in Tasmania. Coming offstage still full of energy – with plans to watch a dodgy David Hasselhoff comedy before the night is through – he is cheerful and chatty, although he does tell me of his concern for his wife Fran and their new baby daughter Elfie, at home on their farm in rural Victoria, Australia.

24 November 2008 The Guardian

Stand up for comedy in prisons

THEY say Tony Blair was obsessed with how his government was perceived, but his legacy appears to live on: what else but tabloid headlines could justice secretary Jack Straw have had in mind when he pulled the plug on a standup comedy course at HMP Whitemoor last week?

March 2007 The List

Chris Addison

WHEN you look back across the shows Chris Addison has brought to the Edinburgh Fringe over the past decade it’s hard to imagine there might be a unifying idea. What link could there possibly be between Atomicity, a show about the fabric of the universe, Civilisation, about mankind’s cultural decline, Port Out, Starboard Home on the charms of being a ‘middle-class ponce’ and The Ape that Got Lucky, which found fun in anthropology?

September 2006 Scotland on Sunday

Mathew Horne

BREAKFAST at BBC HQ in London. Mathew Horne is enjoying the warm morning air, poring over a script at an outdoor table. Ahead of him is a big day in the studio: several hours of technical rehearsals followed by an evening recording for series three of the Catherine Tate Show. It’s 8am now and it’ll be nearly midnight before he gets out again.

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